Factory farms are vegan propaganda to make people feel bad about consuming animal products

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Factory farms are vegan propaganda to make people feel bad about consuming animal products

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Mar 04, 2022 · 1 min read
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Love them or hate them, we have been told factory farms produce most animal products. Now, ask anybody on the street where they get their meat from, and they’ll let you know they only buy products from organic, free-range, local farms.

Researchers are baffled by the existence of factory farms as the majority make the same claim. John Keith, a researcher at Oxford University, has been trying to answer this question:

There is something not entirely logical in our findings. After carrying out hundreds of thousands of surveys, the conclusion is clear. All our participants’ position is against factory farming. Nobody has claimed they want to decrease the welfare of farmed animals, quite the opposite!

If nobody support products originating from factory farms, who drive the demand for such horrible farming practices?

Libby Hughes, a mother of four, sitting with her children in KFC, has an opinion on the subject:

I think these researchers are making shit up. I drive around our beautiful countryside all the time. You will never see one of these so-called “factory farms”. It’s all fake news, driven by vegans to stop us from supporting our local farmers.

We asked Libby if she had ever seen chicken outdoors while on one of her drives. Libby refused to answer our question and asked us to leave her alone.

The team at Nut Based News went through hours of factory farm footage and can confirm such places exist. You can see for yourself :


In his research, Mr Keith has concluded that everybody is a hypocrite or clueless about the origin of their animal products.

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