Consumers to be exposed to the harsh reality of animal agriculture

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Consumers to be exposed to the harsh reality of animal agriculture

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Apr 11, 2022 · 1 min read
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The UK government has passed a new law that will require any businesses and brands selling animal products to show images or footage of standard practices used in animal agriculture.

These regulations are a joint effort between the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs and the Department of Health & Social Care. They aim to help the country meet its goal of reducing its carbon footprint to fight climate change and promote healthier eating to combat the rise in heart disease.

The government is betting on people’s innate compassion toward animals and hopes the images will gradually convince the public to stop consuming meat, dairy, and egg.

Money has been allocated to transition animal farms toward more sustainable agriculture and educate the future generation on nutrition to learn how to thrive on a balanced plant-based diet.

Grocery items packaging containing animal product

Grocery items containing animal products will have to comply with the new law and show images of slaughter or living conditions on farms. A policy heavily inspired to encourage people not to smoke by having graphic pictures of cancer symptoms printed on cigarette packages.

McDonald's must display footage of how animals are treated of farms and slaughterhouses

Meat, dairy and egg aisles will need screen panels showing footage of how animals are treated on farms and slaughterhouses. These requirements will also apply to businesses selling animal products, such as restaurants and butcher shops.

This new law will take effect in January 2024.

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