Plant-based meat company THIS redefines veganism in a desperate attempt to boost sales

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Plant-based meat company THIS redefines veganism in a desperate attempt to boost sales

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Feb 24, 2022 · 1 min read
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THIS, the UK plant-based company famous for its “This isn’t chicken” has baffled hundreds of vegans when launching their new provocative marketing campaign. In their video, vegans are seen agreeing to eating what they believe to be real meat.

After being reminded by many vegans that this is impossible, as vegans would never approve of eating meat, Lauren - THIS’ community manager - told their followers that the definition of the word “veganism” was open for debate and/or to be redefined.

THIS said "definitions as always are open to debate/redefinition. Lauren"

It is not yet clear what definition the company has chosen to give “veganism” we can assume it will be something along these lines:

A person who chooses to avoid animal products but sometimes does not.

We reached out to THIS and were told that this was their new strategy to increase sales:

We have realised that the vegan market is too small for us to generate more profit. The vegan market isn’t profitable at all. We have decided to ditch these customers and find new ones.

THIS has shared with Nut Based News prototypes of their new products that will launch later this year, “This isn’t isn’t chicken”:

This isn't isn't chicken

The plant-based company said it aims to target vegans who choose to eat meat.

With our upcoming new product, “This isn’t isn’t chicken”, we’ll be targeting vegans who still want to eat real chicken. These pieces are plant-based, defined by our definition of what plant-based is.

Our philosophy is that every word is open for debate and can be redefined, so brace yourself for more tasty surprises.

Now people can label themselves vegan but continue to consume meat. It is the best of both worlds: feeling morally superior without changing their eating habits.

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