West Ham Defender Kurt Zouma Adopts Pig From Farmer To Replace Cats Seized By RSPCA

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West Ham Defender Kurt Zouma Adopts Pig From Farmer To Replace Cats Seized By RSPCA

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Feb 18, 2022 · 1 min read
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Kurt Zouma received bad press early this month when he was seen abusing his cat. After the RSPCA seized his cats, the West Ham defender has decided to adopt an animal less liked by the general public. A pig.

Pigs are mostly known for their meat and are consumed by so many animal lovers. As intelligent as a dog but not as well protected by the law, they can be thrown, kicked, and punched without causing any uproar.

A spokesperson told NBN:

We want to assure everyone that the pig is not being kept as a pet but instead raised for meat. Such companion/future meal should allow the family to treat their pig the same way other pigs are handled on farms.

Kurt Zouma released a new video showing himself kicking his pig the same way it is done on farms.

Many people aren’t sure what to make of this situation. Lauren, a Newcastle United fan who was actively booing Kurt Zouma during their match against West Ham, said:

I love all animals and what Kurt is doing is disgusting. I am against all sorts of animal abuse and would never support such horrific acts against any animals.

Unfortunately, NBN had to stop the interview. Lauren choked on a piece of bacon as our team showed her undercover footage of what was done to pigs on farms and slaughterhouses.

It remains unclear what the RSPCA will do about this situation. The Zouma family are planning to apply for the RSPCA Approved label, as the pig will be kept in conditions way above the standards set by the governement or the RSPCA.

When asked which method the family would use to slaughter their pig, they said they would choose the most common and humane way: putting the pig into a gas chamber.

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