M.A.I: A new way to determine one's manhood

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M.A.I: A new way to determine one's manhood

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Mar 10, 2022 · 1 min read
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There is a misconception that someone can easily recognise a true man by their size: a big man (regardless if it’s mainly fat or muscle) is deemed strong and manly. The truth is, some vegans have managed to reach these physical prouesse themselves, and are making everyone confused.

The only way to recognise a real man is to look at their arteries. Same as we can tell the age of a tree by looking at the rings in its trunk, we can gauge manhood by the layers they have built inside their arteries. It’s called Manhood Artery Index (M.A.I).

M.A.I - Manhood Artery Index

Someone who has wide open arteries is weak, because their body require large amount of oxygen to reach their vital organs, but a real man will have very narrow arteries because of all that good saturated fat and cholesterol they have accumulated in their lifetime from eating animal products. The thicker the blockage, the manlier a man is. Men don’t need oxygen flowing through their body; that helps make their heart work harder, therefore grow stronger.

The first sign of a man reaching true manhood is when the arteries becomes so narrow, that going hard down there becomes a challenge. It’s a bit like lifting weights, when it has become too easy, it’s a sign that it’s time to challenge yourself and make it harder to lift.

Therefore ladies, don’t blame your man if they can’t go hard later in life, it’s a sign they are reaching ultimate manhood.

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