Cosmic Bliss is sustainably expending land use and increasing methane emissions

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Cosmic Bliss is sustainably expending land use and increasing methane emissions

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Mar 15, 2022 · 1 min read
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A new product range from Cosmic Bliss (formally known as the plant-based brand Coconut Bliss) was announced: Organic Grass-Fed Dairy Ice-cream

There has been a misunderstanding about what the brand means by “sustainable”. This word is often used to describe a positive activity that we can maintain at a certain rate or level. But sustainability can also apply to harmful actions.

The former plant-based ice-cream brand has two goals: sustainably increase methane emissions and expand land used by animal agriculture.

Cosmic Bliss sustainably expending land use

We aren’t sure how the company will benefit from these two outcomes, but it could have catastrophic effects on the environment and society if done correctly.

One hypothesis is that the brand has lost hope in the fight against climate change and is planning to accelerate the process instead.

Cosmic Bliss sustainably increasing methane emissions

The company humanco has to green-wash its brand to achieve its goal. For scientists around the world, putting the words “organic”, “grass-fed”, and “dairy” in the same sentence to convince of a positive, sustainable impact on climate change would be considered a farce. Still, for most people, their message sounds legit.

Cosmic Bliss slaughtering baby calves

To make their marketing campaign rock-solid, Cosmic Bliss pushes to convince their consumers that humane dairy products exist. That’s why the brand will only show cows grazing in picturesque settings but will never reveal what happens before a cow produces milk and when they are no longer useful to them.

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