New conservation program launching this summer #eathemsavethem

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New conservation program launching this summer #eathemsavethem

Nut Based News Nut Based News Follow Mar 27, 2022 · 2 mins read
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Conservationists worldwide have finally found a way to stop species from going extinct. Their new campaign, “Eat them, save them”, will roll out this summer. Heavily inspired by the meat industry, the idea is straightforward:

  • Domesticate a broader range of wild animals
  • Turn them into products.
  • Create a demand to finance the conservation of these species.

Conservationist Micheal Barn told Nut Based News:

We have struggled to stop species from going instinct. We tried zoos by keeping animals in captivity inside small enclosures. Although the visitors allow zoos to re-invest their money into breeding more of these animals, it is clear that isn’t good enough.

Look at how cows, pigs and chickens thrive. The success of their species is to be praised because they have been turned into products. We could apply this same strategy to any other species. All we need to do is change people’s minds toward non-farmed animals and create a demand for such products. Breed them, slaughter them, save them. Simple!

Some people have been hostile toward the idea of eating animals other than what they are used to.

“I will never eat elephants! They are intelligent and beautiful animals. They belong in the wild or zoos. That program is animal abuse! #eatpigsnotelephants” said anim4ll0v3r on Twitter.

Conservationists have reassured potential consumers that the animals will be bred specifically for their meat, so there will be no moral issues. Concerning intelligence, highly intelligent animals are already being slaughtered, such as pigs, so this shouldn’t be a problem. As long as the species survive, conservationists have confirmed that how these individual animals are exploited does not matter.

As many people have already claimed in the past, if we stopped eating beef, it would mean the extinction of the species. The general public does not care how animals are treated on farms or killed in slaughterhouses.

What matters is the survival of the species. That’s why factory farms are so popular. They are a very effective breeding ground to maintain the survival of certain species, even if it means a life of suffering from birth to death for each individual belonging to that species.”

Elephants, giraffes and dolphins will be used as the first three species to join this new species conservation programme. More will follow next year.

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