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We write satirical news articles about veganism and animal liberation. We exaggerate actual events to highlight the cognitive dissonance many suffer from.

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Consumers to be exposed to the harsh reality of animal agriculture

The UK government has passed a new law that will require any businesses and brands selling animal products to show images or footage of standard practices used in animal agriculture.

In Laws & regulations, Apr 11, 2022

How vegans are planning to tax meat-eaters and vegetarians

In a poll recently shared by Plant Based News on Twitter, the vegan news company asked: “Should meat-eaters pay more tax?”. A whopping 72% of participants answered “yes”.

In Economics, Apr 10, 2022

The Day-to-Day Killer commits to kill-free Mondays

The New York serial killer known as the Day-to-Day Killer has committed to kill-free Mondays. The perpetrator has been killing at least one person every day. He has anonymously report...

In Ethics, Apr 05, 2022

Christopher Snowdon shares pro-vegan subliminal message when debating against veganism

The news network GBN invited Christopher Snowdon as a guest to a debate about veganism. His opponent, Ed Winters (also known as Earthling Ed) argued in favour of veganism.

In Veganism, Mar 29, 2022

Piers Morgan reveals he is a baby cow

The British celebrity has admitted he cannot live without cow milk. Dairy milk, the substance produced by cows for their young, is mainly known to be fed to humans.

In Dairy, Mar 28, 2022

The God-Complex Society declares the slaughter of species en mass a necessity for their survival

The God-Complex Society recently had a meeting where they agreed that slaughtering billions of land animals is most suitable for farmed animals.

In Species survival, Mar 27, 2022

New conservation program launching this summer #eathemsavethem

Conservationists worldwide have finally found a way to stop species from going extinct. Their new campaign, “Eat them, save them”, will roll out this summer. Heavily inspired by the m...

In Conservation, Zoos, Mar 27, 2022

Cosmic Bliss is sustainably expending land use and increasing methane emissions

A new product range from Cosmic Bliss (formally known as the plant-based brand Coconut Bliss) was announced: Organic Grass-Fed Dairy Ice-cream

In Plant-based, Grass-fed, Dairy, Mar 15, 2022

Activist uncovers illegal billion-dollar semen industry in new documentary White Gold

While documenting the treatment of animals on farms, activist Joey Carbstrong discovered a disturbing industry inspired by the very same one he was investigating.

In Activism, Mar 14, 2022

Thousands protest Burger King's decision to go plant-based for a month

Burger King has announced one of their restaurants will go 100% plant-based for an entire month. It didn’t take long for meat-lovers to rally outside the restaurant to show their ange...

In Plant-based, Burger King, Mar 12, 2022

Man stranded on desert island with a cow dies of starvation

A body was found on a desert island. The body still hasn’t been identified. An autopsy has revealed that the man had tiny hairs underneath his fingernails and between his teeth.

In Food chain, Apex predator, Mar 10, 2022

M.A.I: A new way to determine one's manhood

There is a misconception that someone can easily recognise a true man by their size: a big man (regardless if it’s mainly fat or muscle) is deemed strong and manly. The truth is, some...

In Fitness, Men, Mar 10, 2022

Country with highest animal welfare standards revealed

Ask anyone which country has the highest animal welfare standards in the world, and their answer will likely be, “My country has the highest animal welfare standards! I only buy my me...

In Ethical meat, Local farms, Mar 09, 2022

The magic of buying local: animal welfare by proximity

Everybody is claiming to do it. One way to make someone say it is to tell them “eating animals is bad”. Their reply will likely be, “this does not apply to me; I only buy my meat from...

In Local farms, Mar 06, 2022

Customer finds piece of broccoli in his broccoli soup

We have all heard of meat-eaters finding chicken body parts in buckets of chicken body parts, or pigs body parts in slices of pig body parts.

In Breaking News, Mar 05, 2022

Factory farms are vegan propaganda to make people feel bad about consuming animal products

Love them or hate them, we have been told factory farms produce most animal products. Now, ask anybody on the street where they get their meat from, and they’ll let you know they only...

In Vegan Propaganda, Mar 04, 2022

Chefs quit MasterChef after being ordered to cook meat provided by Elwood's Organic Dog Meat

In the latest episode of MasterChef, contestants were challenged to cook a dish that must include dog meat.

In Ethical Meat, Mar 03, 2022

Plant-based meat company THIS redefines veganism in a desperate attempt to boost sales

THIS, the UK plant-based company famous for its “This isn’t chicken” has baffled hundreds of vegans when launching their new provocative marketing campaign. In their video, vegans are...

In Plant-based, Marketing, Feb 24, 2022

West Ham Defender Kurt Zouma Adopts Pig From Farmer To Replace Cats Seized By RSPCA

Kurt Zouma received bad press early this month when he was seen abusing his cat. After the RSPCA seized his cats, the West Ham defender has decided to adopt an animal less liked by th...

In Pigs, Farm Animals, Feb 18, 2022

Meet The Part-Time Vegans - Oatly's New Viral Movement

We know what you are thinking. “Part-time vegan”, what on earth does that mean?! Don’t worry, it’s straightforward. Oatly, the plant-based drink company has developed a brilliant new ...

In Vegans, Feb 15, 2022

Why did eating grass make me gain weight?

Christina went on a vegan diet a year ago. After she heard some people only ate plants and that it was easier to get full due to the large amount of fibres plants contain, the 37 year...

In Ex-vegan, Diet, Jan 31, 2022

Marks And Spencer Announces Opening Of Maternity Clinic

Marks & Spencer has announced it is establishing a healthcare department. The British retailer will open its first maternity clinic on the outskirt of London this September.

In Ethical Farming, Jul 30, 2021